A techno-economic and financial analysis of a Gulf-India undersea electricity interconnector

Shivakumar, A., Weinstein, M., Kruitwagen, L., Spiteri, S., Arderne, C., Almulla, , Y., Usher, W., Howells, M., & Hawkes, A. (2021) Climate Compatible Growth Programme, Working Paper

An independent combined techno-economic and financial analysis of an electricity interconnector between Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and India.

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A global inventory of utility-scale solar photovoltaic generating units

Kruitwagen, L., Story, K., Friedrich, J., Byers, L., Skillman, S., & Hepburn, C. (2021) In Review

A globally-complete inventory of solar PV generating stations built using machine learning and remote sensing. A collaboration with DescartesLabs and the World Resources Institute, presented at NeurIPS Climate Change AI workshop 2019.

Presentation GRASFI 2019 NeurIPS Climate Change AI 2019

Asset-Level Transition Risk in the Global Coal, Oil, and Gas Supply Chains

Kruitwagen, L., Klaas, J., Lakeh, A. B., & Fan, J. (2021) Institute for New Economic Thinking Working Paper

A complex network arrangement of the global fossil fuel supply chain and accompanying flow and community detection analysis. Built using over 4mn infrastructure assets drawn from open data. A collaboration with Quantum Black.

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DeepSentinel: a general-purpose Sentinel-1 and -2 computer vision model

Kruitwagen, L. (2020) NeurIPS Climate Change AI Workshop Paper

A general-purpose Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 computer vision model aiming to unlock an explosion of earth observation use cases for public good. A Copernicus Masters’ Finalist for the Digital Twin Earth Challenge.

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Aerosol effects on mesoscale structures in marine boundary layer clouds

Christensen, M., Jones, W., Kusner, M., Kruitwagen, L., Pearce, T., Saeongkyongam, S., & Watson-Paris, D. (2020) Frontier Development Lab Europe 2020: Clouds & Aerosols Technical Memorandum.

Using machine learning to isolate the causal impacts of aerosols on marine boundary layer clouds, the largest source of uncertainty in long-term climate modelling.

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Power sector asset networks: determinants of the diffusion of renewables 2007 through 2017

Kruitwagen, L. (2018), presented at ETH SusTec Academy, June 17-22, Appenzell, CH.


Caldecott, B., Kruitwagen, L., McCarten, M., & Zhou, X. (2018), Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, Oxford, UK.


Crude Awakening: Making oil major business models climate-compatible

Caldecott, B., Holmes, I., Kruitwagen, L., Orozco, D., & Tomlinson, S. (2018), E3G & Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, London, UK.

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Coal-Fired Power Stations

Kruitwagen L., Collins, S., & Caldecott, B. (2017), in Coal in the 21st Century, ed. R. Hester, Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, UK.


Financing 1.5 Degrees

Kruitwagen L. (2016), conference proceedings of 1.5 Degrees: Meeting the challenges of the Paris Agreement, September 20-22, 2016, Environmental Change Institue, Oxford, UK.


Future Pathways to 1.5/2 degrees-C-compatible oil & Gas Majors: Survey of energy outlooks and key uncertainies

Kruitwagen L. & Holmes, I. (2016), presented at Fossil Fuel Supply and Climate Policy, September 26-27, 2016, Oxford, UK.

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Decision Making under Risk & Uncertainty

Kruitwagen L. (2016), White Paper, Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment, London, UK.


Game Theory and Corporate Governance: Conditions for effective stewardship of companies subkect to climate change risks

Kruitwagen L., Madani, K., Caldecott, B., & Workman, M. (2016) Journal of Sustainable Finance and Investment, 6(3): 1-23

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Carbon Capture and Storage in the Thermal Coal Value Chain

Caldecott, B., Kruitwagen, L., & Kok, I. (2016) Oxford Energy Forum, 105: 50-55, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, Oxford, UK.


Caldecott, B., Kruitwagen, L., Dericks, G., Tulloch, D.J., Kok, I., Mitchell, J. (2016) Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, Oxfrod UK.